Fancy a cozy atmosphere with savings galore? Then investing in a Wood Heater might just be the investment for you. We at DEN Services specialize in installing all kinds of wood heaters to match our clients’ needs and ensure that we deliver fast and reliable installations without comprising on quality or efficiency.

Besides, installations, we also offer maintenance and consultation regarding setup and initial requirements.

Benefits of Wood Heating

This might not be the latest tech out there in the market but it is certainly the most cost efficient and green one out there. People who look towards wood heaters to provide them a warm environment during the harsh winters usually go for style over effectiveness but what most people don’t know is that wood burners can produce a lot of heat meaning that the space it is in gets warmer pretty quickly. With the traditional look being a major plus point, the biggest factor to invest in a wood heater would be the money saving and input saving over output heat that it gives. There is a reason why people love to sit out next to campfires. It works and is totally greener than all other alternatives. With Wood Heaters Being Reliable, Durable and off Grid, they are a very good long term investment for those looking to guard against the cold.


There are certain rules that one must follow before getting into wooden heating with the most important one being the surface it is set on which should be noncombustible. Installations on carpets and wooden floors can be done through fire rated hearth base. Set back regulations and exhausts are also major things to consider and we are here to lend out our advice for free. While the fact remains true that only licensed technicians can install a wood heater, all of our operation staff do hold mechanical licenses so you don’t have to worry about any issues. While the heater will require regular checkups to see for rust and deterioration of flue connections, it heats up the room like a charm and is a great way to save on cash.

If the wood heater meets your fancy and you would like to have one installed at your property, then give us a call at 1300 580 415 and we will guide you on the next stage of your installment. Additionally we also offer repair and maintenance services for those that already have one installed but need a little bit of experience getting things started again.