Gas Heating

Keep warm with gas heating!

Different parts of Australia, require different levels of heating, yet with so many systems on the market, how do you know what will suit you the best?

How We Can Help

When it comes to gas heating, den  services  employs two types of heating, to suit two types of scenarios

Central heating & Space heating

Let’s have a close look at the difference to help you establish which category is best fitting for you.

Central heating

Colder climates require more consistent heating and obviously, there are parts of Australia that can get very cold. In these places it’s imperative that homes are kept warm and for that to happen you need to ensure that you’re using the most appropriate system.

Central heating is used to keep a home consistently warm, through a single heat source. It’s designed to maintain and deliver a steady temperature, so that you don’t wake up in the middle of the night freezing cold.

Typically, a gas boiler heats air, then fans transport that warm air to room vents via ductwork.
These vents can be located at either low level, or at high levels, depending on the design and each room, or zone has its own thermostat. These thermostats give the occupant control over differing temperatures in different areas of the home. For example, you could potentially have the heat in the living area set lower than the heat in the bedrooms, whilst everyones in bed.

Some of the advantages of central heating are:

  • Consistent heat, regularly.
  • Heat is available throughout the entire home via the one system.
  • Temperature can be set according to area and preference.
  • Because room heat is maintained, it takes less energy to heat a room from scratch.
  • You won’t come home, or wake up to a cold home.

Space Heating

In many areas of Australia, we don’t require year round heating. In fact in some places, there’s only a period of maybe three, or four months a year that we really call for it.

There are regular space heaters and ‘Wall Furnace Space Heaters’, both of which are designed to address the cold at the source by delivering heat to a specific area. So where central heating is designed to heat your entire home, ‘Space Heating’ allows you to heat certain areas of your home. This is more efficient, more economical and more practical in various scenarios.

Some of the key advantages of Space Heating and Wall Furnace Heating are:

  • Low electricity consumption as it runs primarily on gas.
  • Sleek and streamlined designs.
  • They can run off natural, or propane gas.
  • They’re fully fluted, which means combustion gasses are vented to atmosphere, not circulated internally (like room heaters).
  • Constant, consistent and reliable heat source.
  • They’re quiet
  • They’re environmentally friendly, as they have low carbon emissions and a low energy consumption.

Duct Cleaning

Living in a country that has some of the highest respiratory related health issues on the planet, wouldn’t it make sense to breathe clean air?

Respiratory problems arise for various reasons and in Australia we’re “lucky” enough to experience most of them. Pollens and grasses are the main cause externally, however internally it’s dust mite. Getting inside is a great way of escaping pollens in the air, however if you’re heading into a home that’s circulating unclean air, you’re effectively throwing fuel on the fire.

Like everywhere else in a home, ducting collects dust. However unlike everywhere else, ducting is not always easy to access and clean. This can cause a build-up of dust and a perfect breeding ground for dust mite and insects like cockroaches, which means that when your heating or cooling is running, all of those nasties get dislodged and end up firstly in your home and secondly in your lungs.

Common Problems

If you have ductwork within your home, chances are it needs a clean. Some tell-tail signs of ductwork that needs some attention are:

  • Noisy vents
  • Bad odours coming from the vents
  • Dirt, or dust marks around the air vents
  • Sneezing and hay fever like symptoms
  • Breathing difficulties
  • Allergies

How We Can Help

If you’re experiencing any of these symptoms, give DEN services a call and let one of our trained technicians inspect your ducting. You’ll be glad you did.

DEN Services have duct cleaning down to an art and this is how it’s done:
With the use of specifically designed duct cleaning equipment, DEN service’s technicians remove all of the foreign matter that’s built up over the years.
Once cleaned, the ductwork is inspected with a CCTV camera to make sure that all of the debris has been completely removed.
Once the ductwork has been inspected and deemed ‘clean’, it’s then sanitised using a nontoxic anti-microbial chemical agent.

The result is a dust free, insect free, bacteria free duct, which transports clean, fresh air to your home.