How We Fix Your Blocked Drains


All den services  trucks are equipped with advanced CCTV Drain Camera’s that enable our technicians to position and manoeuvre a camera within the drain. This technology allows them to see exactly what the problem is via a video monitor at ground level. Whether it is stormwater drain clearing or bathroom drain cleaning, CCTV inspection is very helpful to find the right solution for drain clearing.


Den services use highly advanced pipe locators that allow our technicians to pinpoint exactly where the problem lies by tracking an electrical signal omitted from the head of the drain camera. This enables us to establish how far along the drain the blockage is and it even tells us the depth.

Blockage removal

In addition to the sophisticated CCTV drain camera’s and pipe locators, DEN Services vehicles are also fitted with the latest in ‘High pressure water jetting’ equipment for drain cleaning. A high pressure water jetter will cut through just about anything in it’s way, including rubble, silt, tree roots and in some instances solid matter such as concrete and timber posts.


Once the blockage has been cleared and the pipe has been cleaned, our technicians will camera the line once again to make sure that the drain is completely clean, giving you peace of mind. We can even make a recording for you in the event that you need to provide proof to an insurance company or strata corporation.


Of course clearing blocked drain may not be enough to ensure that it doesn’t happen again. Our technicians will be upfront and honest with you when suggesting the best options moving forward, whether it’s periodic drain cleaning, replacing sections of pipe or using advanced pipe relining technology. Technology has come a long way in the space of blocked drain investigation, detection, diagnosis and repair. When use by our highly experienced Den Services technicians, the odds are in your favour.