Air Conditioning

Live comfortably, with air conditioning.

Remember all of those nights, when it was too hot to sleep?

It’s no secret, Australia gets extremely hot and the only thing more uncomfortable than 35 degree heat, is 35 degree heat with humidity. Likewise during winter, parts of the country get bitterly cold making it hard to get and keep warm.

Air conditioning is no longer a luxury, it’s a necessity and now more than ever it’s readily available to everyone. You wouldn’t find too many offices without air conditioning today, so why are there so many houses that go without? You should be comfortable in your home and it’s hard to stay comfortable when temperatures reach extremes.

Here are some of the advantages of Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning:

  • Can switch between heating and cooling
  • Quiet
  • Remote operated
  • Temperature control according to your comfort
  • Timers come with most models allowing you to set it to come on automatically

Reverse cycle air conditioning has the seasons covered. In the warmer months they cool and in the cooler months they heat, which in turn make for a comfortable all year round living experience.

How We Can Help

There are various types of reverse cycle air conditioners designed to suit every scenario, so whether you’re interested for an apartment, an entire house, an office, or a building, you can guarantee there’s a product designed to suit.

Choosing the right unit is paramount in ensuring that your demands are met, which is where Service Today excel. Not only are our technicians installation experts, they’re also highly experienced in helping you choose the right product. They’ll help you measure the room space, position the unit, and of course connect the required services.

For a ‘one stop air-conditioning shop’, call den services  and start living in comfort.

Evaporative Cooling

Want to keep cool in summer, but don’t like air conditioning?

Are you one of those people that gets blocked sinuses from air conditioning? Or, does air conditioning dry your skin out?

It’s not uncommon to come across people who dislike air conditioning and luckily for them, there’s an alternative solution designed to keep you cool in those warmer months.

Evaporative cooling is a revolutionary technology that uses fresh air from outside to cool your home inside. It might sound complicated, however it’s actually quite a simple system.

Here’s a summary of how it works.

  1. A fan draws air in from outside.
  2. The air passes through a damp filter, which cools & cleans it in the process.
  3. The cool air travels through ducting to reach various rooms in the house.
  4. Stale air is forced out through doors and windows by the fresh air replacing it.

How We Can Help

There are many advantages of using evaporative cooling over traditional air conditioning. Below we have listed a few of them.

  1. Ultra-efficiency. In some cases, you can cool your entire home at 80% of the cost of air conditioning.
  2. Evaporative cooling uses less power, so you’ll save on your electricity bill.
  3. Evaporative cooling is extremely quiet. Often silent.
  4. It’s better for the environment, producing less CO2 than air conditioners.
  5. It maintains a constant cool temperature throughout the home, reducing hot/cold fluctuations.
  6. Evaporative cooling is perfect for asthma and hay fever sufferers.
  7. Lower installation costs than alternative cooling methods.

If you’d like to learn more about evaporative cooling, or if you’d like to speak to a representative about whether evaporative cooling is a fit for your property, give den services  a call on (03) 9020 7260